How often will a message show?
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We only show a Full Screen Message to a website visitor once every seven days. This is because larger size pop-ups like this can get in the way if they appear every time a customer visits your website, and we want to encourage your visitors to book direct, not distract them! 

For Nudge Messages we limit them to display once a day. They are smaller and more subtle, so we think your customers will benefit from seeing them a little more regularly, without distracting or annoying them. 

Obviously this rule makes testing your messages live on your website a little tricky. For example, you might have created a message, checked it on your website and spotted a mistake.

So you go back to the Message Manager, fix the issue and then return to your website to make sure everything now looks perfect. The problem is, the message now won’t show for another seven days.  

This is because a small cookie has been placed in your browser which stops that message from appearing again for either seven days for Full Screen, or the following day for Nudge. If you want to view that message on your website again within this period, you can use the incognito or private more of your browser. This prevents cookies from being sent or accepted, and you should now be able to view your message as though it were the first time you visited the website. 

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