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Why can’t you compare like for like rooms?
Why can’t you compare like for like rooms?
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Price Check is designed to think like your customers, so it's always searching for the cheapest price from each channel - irrespective of room or rate type. To compare room and rate type would require rate matching across all channels in all languages - which firstly is not how a customer would search for a room - and additionally is near impossible because hotels don't necessarily open the same room and rate types on all channels, and continually change their offering with new packages, etc.

Price Check is looking at your rates in the here and now - just like a customer would. This gives you a fantastically clear picture of any current disparities - such as a forgotten room rate on a specific channel that was never closed out - so you're always able to see where the lowest rates are being offered. That means you can fix disparities as they arise and ensure the lowest price is always on your website. Unlike traditional rate checkers, Price Check behaves a bit like a metasearch engine and as a result it can uncover issues that wouldn't necessarily have come to light if we were just tracking the price of a standard room.

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