What is Smart Targeting?
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On-site Messages allow you to show exactly the right message to every guest, depending on who they are, where they are and what they’re trying to do. You can now also target potential customers based on their likelihood to book, key audiences that currently have low conversion rates and target visitors whose searches result in no availability.

Selecting smart targeting means that Triptease will take the reins, employing machine learning to decide whether a guest has a high or low likelihood to book and showing them a relevant message accordingly.

This means hotels will be able to display completely different messages to customers with either high or low chances of booking. In practice this means you could be offering a larger discount to the customer less likely to book in order to help entice them, whereas people with a high chance of booking might just need a free breakfast or welcome drink to seal the deal.

You can select Likelihood to book smart targeting in exactly the same way as you would select any other message targeting option in the Message Builder. The only difference is that by selecting a smart targeting option - where Triptease is in control - you then won’t be able to combine this with any other targeting options available.

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