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What is a full-screen message on arrival?
What is a full-screen message on arrival?
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What is a full-screen message on arrival?

It's a feature that shows a message covering the entire screen to visitors as soon as they land on your website. Ideal for conveying important news, promotions, or special offers instantly.

When to use it

This message should be used to ensure visitors immediately see critical information or offers. It's like placing a welcome mat that highlights what you want them to notice first, but use it judiciously to maintain a positive browsing experience.

How often it shows

The message is displayed once a day to each visitor, balancing the need to communicate important messages without overloading those who visit your site multiple times a day.

Setup and tracking

Setting up and monitoring the performance of your Full Screen Message on Arrival is straightforward. Use the same methods as you would for an exit message, all accessible through the Message Manager.

Keeping it relevant

We continuously monitor the effectiveness of these messages and update their functionality to ensure they remain a valuable tool for engaging visitors.

Other ways to share updates

For a softer approach, consider using Nudge Messages. These offer a gentler way to communicate essential information, also managed through the Message Manager.

Keep it simple

Use the Full Screen Message on Arrival to communicate directly and effectively with your site visitors right from the start, whether for urgent updates or attractive offers.

Your feedback is particularly crucial to us at this time so please do let us know how this message is working for you and if there’s anything we could do to improve it. 

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