What is a message intent?
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A message intent represents the overarching intention - the behaviour, action or goal - that you ultimately hope the message will drive.

Messages can come in all shapes and sizes but simply selecting the type of message you want to set live on your website doesn’t tell you much about it’s actual purpose as part of your wider marketing strategy. Adding an intent allows you to tie messages more clearly to your marketing goals and the business strategy at your hotel.

Why choose the intent of your message?

The same message type can be used to communicate messages that have entirely different intentions. For example, a Nudge Message could be used to highlight a new swimming pool at your hotel, or to create urgency for your latest flash sale. Success for these two Nudge Messages looks very different, so it’s important to consider their intention when looking at their performance.

What do the categories mean?

  • Information: Share important information e.g. restaurant opening times, highlighting your location or temporary spa closure

  • Urgency: Create a sense of scarcity e.g. timed flash sales or scarcity notifications

  • Data collection: Capture guest information e.g. newsletter sign ups

  • Discounts: Provide a special offer or promotional code e.g. 10% off all suites, 3 nights for the price of 2 or free breakfast

  • Reassurance: Give guests the confidence to book e.g. highlighting your cancellation policy, Covid safety measure or providing best price guarantees

  • Influence: Change a potential customer’s perception e.g. displaying an Undercut Message to customers when you’re not in parity or highlighting the benefits of booking direct vs an OTA

  • Mobile: Target customers who are on the mobile version of your website

  • Cart abandonment: Convince customers to stay if they are showing sights that they might leave your website e.g. grabbing attention with a full screen Exit Message or ensuring they return with a Save Search Message

How are the categories measured?

The key metric for each message intention (which you’ll see in the Messages Table and the Benchmarking table) are:

  • Data collection, Cart abandonment, Urgency, Influence: Click rate

  • Reassurance, Informational: Impressions per day

  • Mobile, Discount: Revenue per click

  • Unknown: Impressions per day

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