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How to connect your Email Capture to Salesforce
How to connect your Email Capture to Salesforce

Instructions on how to sync all captured emails to Salesforce.

Written by Megan Bryant
Updated over a week ago

To access this feature, go to Audience Intelligence from the Triptease Platform and in the dropdown menu click CRM connectivity.

Choose Salesforce in the Choose a CRM list and name the integration that is easily identifiable. Click Login and save.

A popup will open for Salesforce, which will ask you to login. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to approve the Triptease app integration.

Choosing Allow will return you to the Triptease platform, where your integration will be shown in your list of CRM configurations.

Good to know: Any Email Capture message with a Salesforce integration must include both the first name and last name fields. You can add this in the Design tab in the Message Builder.

Email Capture Messages with automatic CRM integration is available to hoteliers using the Triptease Data Marketing Pro package. Learn more about the Triptease Data Marketing Platform here, and get in touch with the Triptease team today if you'd like access to this feature.

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