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What is the Triptease Guest Intelligence Platform?
What is the Triptease Guest Intelligence Platform?
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The Triptease Guest Intelligence Platform empowers hotels to recapture guest relationships, increase direct bookings, and reduce their reliance on online travel agencies (OTAs). It integrates with a hotel’s website and booking engine to optimize conversion, improve price transparency and strengthen the relationship between hotels and their guests.

Hoteliers can manage their price parity simply through the back end of the platform, while at the same time engaging with guests through tailored messaging, Price Check alerts and data-driven conversation features on their website. 

Here's a breakdown of what the Triptease Platform offers:

Parity Insights - along with the Parity Monitoring dashboard and Surge Alerts - show you exactly when you're being undercut by OTAs, and help you manage rate variance with third party suppliers. Surge Alerts notify you when your site is experiencing an unusually high number of disparities in real time. Guests shouldn’t pay a premium to book direct and they know it - by leveraging Parity Checker and Insights you will increase conversion, drive direct bookings and lower undercutting.

Chat allows your team to speak directly with guests through your website. You can switch on the Automated Assistant to allow our AI chat bot to answer the majority of guest's questions for you instantly - with no additional staff required. Alternatively, when you’re not around to talk Night Manager captures guest details so you can collect leads with no effort. Scale the individual service that makes you great, giving a meaningful first impression to prospective guests that no OTA can match.

Targeted Messages provide your guests with the specific information they need at every stage of their booking journey. Rather than inundating customers with panic messages and time limits, put them back in the driving seat with messaging designed to please, not pressure. Targeted Messages are all about conversion - segmentation tools allow you to deliver different messages to different groups of guests, while the platform leverages data and watches for digital signals to put the right message in front of the right customer at the right time automatically. This grows conversion rates on your website and boosts direct bookings.

Insights help you to understand user behaviour and opportunities to improve your customers' experience on your website. Learn how different kinds of guests behave online so you can suit your messaging to each.

Campaign Tracking allows you to track and monitor the impact of your campaigns with Insights and watch your ROI grow.

Benchmarking: Our machine-learning algorithm is tracking conversions across thousands of hotel websites to constantly improve messaging. You’ll be able to benchmark yourself against peers and identify specific areas in which your web experience can improve.

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