Chat humanizes the web experience and provides your individual service at scale. You can power conversations with smart insights that will drive your guests to make a direct booking. 

Chat offers a range of key features, designed specifically for busy hoteliers: 

  1. The Automated Assistant can answer the majority of guests questions for you automatically, without needing staff. You'll just need to answer a range of questions about your hotel, and the Automated Assistant can begin responding to customers for you - instantly. 
  2. Guest Conversations allow your staff to answer any questions that your potential guests might have about staying with you. Combined with Live Insights, Guest Conversations allow you to give personalized responses that will put your customers at ease and encourage them to book. 
  3. Live Insights give you real-time insights into your guests characteristics, behaviour and interests. This allows you to tailor your responses appropriately to the person that you’re talking to. On top of that, your conversations are also tagged so you know what kind of guest you’re speaking to - are they high value, leisure or a first-time visitor?
  4. Night Manager kicks in when none of your staff are logged into the Triptease agent portal. Any guests asking a question while Chat is in Night Manager mode will have the opportunity to leave their email address (which will be captured along with any questions they have asked or searches they have made) so that your agents can respond when they’re back online. 
  5. Automated messages sent to unattended guests who have been waiting for one minute and 15 seconds for an answer to their questions. We ask them to leave their email address and explain that we will let them know when an agent replies.
  6. Text and email alerts for your staff. We wait for 45 seconds to see if an Agent responds and if not we’ll send a text or email to them to let you know a guest is waiting.
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