There are a couple of different ways you can tackle this issue:

  1. Your agents can share the same login details. If you’re using only one email address for Chat but you have multiple agents that need to log in and answer questions, you can do the following:
    - Sign into the dashboard as Reservation Manager
    - Click the Team button under the Account section of the left-hand-side navigation bar
    - Send individual invites to your team using your usual reception email but with the addition of a plus and the agent’s name halfway through. Something like
    - The agents should be able to sign in using these ‘named’ email addresses but the email verifications and all communications will still go to
  2. You could create free ‘dummy’ email addresses for individual agents through a service like Gmail. This would mean that each agent would have their own separate login, and that communications connected to their account would go directly to their ‘dummy’ email. 

To invite:

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