Chat tags are designed to help you recognise what kind of customer you are talking to at a glance. Tags are assigned automatically, depending on the customer’s behaviour and what they have searched for on your booking engine. 

The tagging feature allows you to recognize different clients' profile at a glance.
Those tags are assigned automatically based on the customer's behavior and their search on your booking engine. These tags appear on the right-hand side of the Agent Portal on an interaction with a prospective guest.

The automated tags currently include:

Business (the customer searched dates that don't include a Saturday OR there is no child included in the search)
Leisure (the customer searched dates that include a Saturday OR a child is included in the search)
High value (the customer searched for a stay of more than seven days)
Group (the customer searched for more than three adults)
Family (the customer searched for a booking that includes a child)
Buying signals (The customer made more than one Price Check search in the past seven days)

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