To update your mobile phone number and email details just log into the Triptease Platform and go to the Account section, then Notifications. Add your mobile number into the Mobile number field in the Mobile SMS section of the page (format with country code, add a '+' and ensure there are no spaces between the digits. For example in the UK you would type the country code '+44' and then remove any spaces ie: +442038655804. Click Save changes at the top of the page.

You can then update your preferred email by clicking into the Your profile section and entering your email into the Email address section.

Please note that you can only send email notifications to the same address you log in to the Triptease Platform with.  

Next up, head to the Agent Portal and click on the cog symbol in the top right corner of the right hand column. This will open up your Chat notification settings. 

Switch both toggles on and click Save to ensure your preferences are saved. 

If you're having problems with your SMS notifications find out how to check and update your settings to ensure SMS notifications are set up correctly. 

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