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Why can I see data for ‘Searchers’ but not ‘Visitors’?
Why can I see data for ‘Searchers’ but not ‘Visitors’?
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If you can only see numbers for ‘Searchers’ rather than ‘Visitors’ in the Insights Dashboard, that probably means you’re only using Price Check rather than the full Triptease Platform. The Price Check widget only appears on your booking engine because this is where it’s most effective. However if you’re only using Price Check that makes it highly likely that our code has only been implemented on your booking engine, rather than across your whole website.

In order to see the complete picture of your visits data, Triptease code needs to be integrated on every page of your website. It’s important to get Triptease code implemented across your entire website because that allows us to track the whole visitor journey. You’ll be able to see the full conversion funnel, rather than just one section of it.

This also means that if you decide to start using personalized messaging or live chat in future to send targeted messages or to chat directly with guests, it will be much quicker to get those in place for you.

You can check whether Triptease has been properly integrated across every page of your website by getting in touch with our integration team via

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