If you’re having issues getting SMS notifications sent to your phone, try the following steps to get them up and running. 

  1. Sign into the Agent Portal and click on a conversation. If you currently have no conversations then start a new one via your hotel website and assign it to yourself. 
  2. Reply to the message you have just sent yourself by typing /notify-me into the reply field in the Agent Portal. This will cause an email and SMS alert to be sent, and tests your configuration. 
  3. If you’re not getting an SMS notification but you are getting an email this might mean that your phone number is either missing, or has not been input correctly. 
  4. Click on the cog icon in the left hand column, next to your name. This will open your notification settings, and from here you can click the link to edit your phone number on your Account page. 
  5. When adding or editing your phone number, make sure you add the country code in front of your number and remove all spaces between the digits. For example, the country code for numbers in the USA is '+1' so you'd need to type your phone number with '+1' at the front of it and no spaces between any of the numbers.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the Account page and click Submit to save your changes. 
  7. Go back to the Agent Portal and re-open the notification settings again to check that your SMS setting is switched on, then refresh the Agent Portal and repeat step two of these instructions. You should now receive an SMS notification. 

Still having problems? Get in touch via customersuccess@triptease.com so that our team can investigate this for you. 

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