We’ve closed down the Triptease Live Chat product and have partnered with the industry-leading chatbot and communication platform for hotels, HiJiffy

You can find out all about our partnership and the wide range of improved features and functionality that HiJiffy provides here. If you are already using HiJiffy as part of your Triptease package and have a question, visit the HiJiffy help center here.

Not using HiJiffy Chat yet? Request a demo here.

The Automated Assistant (formerly called Auto-Agent) is designed to answer simple FAQs about your hotel, so that your staff can focus on more complex tasks. There are a few things to remember when setting up the Automated Assistant that will make it a much more effective tool for providing great hospitality online and driving direct bookings. Ready to get started? Here’s a quick guide to some Automated Assistant best practices. 

The Automated Assistant needs a voice

  • When filling in answers on your FAQ form, remember that what you write will become the ‘voice’ of your chatbot. Make sure it conforms to any tone of voice or brand guidelines you have in place for your hotel, and make sure it is polite! 

  • On that note, it’s best to avoid one word answers, as these could make your bot sound rude. Always remember that the customer is trying to have a conversation with you - so make sure that it is a pleasant one. 

  • Use clear, concise sentences and include a good level of detail when it’s appropriate. 

  • If a question is not relevant to your hotel, just leave it blank. 

The Automated Assistant needs an avatar

  • We strongly recommend that you do not choose an avatar that is a photo of a human, such as a member of staff. It’s best not to lead a potential guest to believe that the Automated Assistant is human, because this could give them higher expectations about the kind of service they will receive. Customers are often more forgiving when they know that they are talking to a chatbot. 

  • So what image should you use? We’d recommend something that fits with your brand. For example:
    - A robot avatar in colours that match your branding and website. Have a look on Google image search to find an image that you like.  
    - The logo of your hotel
    - A photo of your hotel

The Automated Assistant needs a name

  • As with your avatar, we strongly recommend you that you also don’t use a human sounding name. It is much better to indicate to your guests that they are talking to a bot.

  • We’d recommend you to use:
    - Automated Assistant or Auto Agent
    - The name of your hotel plus ‘Assistant’ e.g. Triptease Hotel Assistant
    - The name of your hotel plus ‘Bot’ e.g. Triptease Hotel Bot or Triptease Bot

Once you’ve got these elements in place you’ll have a chatbot ready to work really hard for your hotel, and offer customers a quality online service instantly. And remember that your staff can jump into a conversation at any time to take over from the Automated Assistant and speak to your customers directly. Let us know how you get on! 

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