When are notifications triggered?

SMS and/or email notifications are triggered when:

  • a new conversation comes; and
  • the Agent has notifications enabled on Agent Portal; and
  • the Agent has an email and/or phone number configured; and
  • the Agent is logged in on Agent Portal but their status is inactive.

When does the Agent become inactive?

To become inactive in Agent Portal, the Agent has to be idle for five minutes or more. Which means: Five minutes without scrolling, clicking on, or interacting in any way with Agent Portal.

When does the notification get sent?

A notification will be sent if a new conversation is received and no interaction in the Agent Portal occurs after 30 seconds.

Where can the Agent setup a phone number? 

In the platform, by clicking Account and then Notifications, they can set up the phone number to receive Chat notifications under the Alerts section at the bottom of the page.

Where can the Agent enable notifications?

In Agent Portal next to the All Conversations dropdown they can click on the settings icon and enable/disable notifications.

The settings icon is a small purple symbol that looks like this:

This will open the Notification Settings which looks like this: 

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