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How does Triptease calculate the global average message performance?
How does Triptease calculate the global average message performance?
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The Triptease global average message performance is the typical click through rate for messages across all of our clients. For Full Screen and Nudge Messages combined it is currently 5.38%. The click through rate takes into account the number of clicks in relation to the number of impressions.

We have different buckets of click through rate performance:

  • 0 - 4.88% --  Low -- Below the global average 

  • 4.88%  - 5.88% -- OK -- Within 0.5% of the global average

  • 5.88% - 13.46% -- Good --  Significantly above the global average

  • 13.46% + -- Great  -- In the top 10th percentile

We have calculated the global average by analyzing the clicks across all messages and divided this by the impressions across all messages, across all clients.  For a message to be eligible for this calculation, it must have more than 200 impressions. We don’t include messages with an impression count below this as the click through rate has shown to be more variable for messages with less than 200 impressions. This means the result of good performance isn’t stable and is susceptible to changing over time.

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