Switching to Triptease from another provider
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Switching to Triptease from another provider is simple. See a complete picture of your ROI and direct bookings with dashboards that are simple to view and understand, plus get access to experienced coaches, industry-leading content and events, and metrics that help you make business decisions easily. 

Start bringing the right guests to your website and help them convert seamlessly. Here’s how to get started:

Getting Triptease scripts integrated on your website

Once your contract is signed and you’ve been introduced to your Direct Booking Coach, one of our technical team will begin working with your booking engine provider and web developer to get Triptease integrated on your website and booking engine.

You can help us do this faster, by providing contact details for: 

  • A contact at your booking engine 

  • Your website developer 

  • The members of your team who will be using the Triptease Platform (it’s best if  all revenue managers and your marketing team have access)

A switch to our services would always be supported by one of our Customer Success Technical Leads who would ensure that your website and booking engine contain the scripts needed to trigger our products at the appropriate times. We have a dedicated tool that streamlines and automates your integration process, as well as strong partnerships with booking engines around the world. In some instances switching to Triptease can take as little as 10 minutes!

Setting up your Triptease profile 

When you first log into the Triptease Platform you’ll be asked a couple of quick questions about your role and how you’re planning to use the platform. This helps us tailor the advice, content and ideas you receive to help you drive more direct bookings. 

To set up the rest of your profile just head to Account and then Your profile. From here you can edit and save your name, photo, job title and email address. If you’re planning to use our Chat tool on your website, it’s important to ensure all staff members using the Triptease platform have uploaded an appropriate photo, as this will display to your potential guests.

You can click into Notifications to control which product-related email reports you’ll receive from Triptease, such as your monthly performance summary or disparity surge alerts.  

Your tailored onboarding journey 

The sooner you get started using Triptease products, the better. To help you get up to speed quickly, you’ll receive a series of emails from the team to walk you through the basics of each product. You’ll also be contacted by your own personal Direct Booking Coach who will organize a meeting to understand the specific issues you’re looking to solve, and the goals you’re keen to hit over the coming year. Your Direct Booking Coach will also reach out to sign up anyone in your hotel who will be using the Triptease Platform to our onboarding email programme. 

When you’ve had a chance to explore and get to grips with how to use each feature your Direct Booking Coach will schedule a call to take you through the more advanced features of each product. This is also a great opportunity to discuss your direct booking strategy and the goals you’d like to achieve with Triptease. 

Our coaches - who work with thousands of hotels around the world - are always here to share their wealth of knowledge on how to get the most out of the Triptease Platform and optimize the performance of your website. Triptease is committed to our partner hotels’ success and the team will always be on hand to support you throughout your partnership with us.

Next steps

Ready to start learning about the full range of products on offer via the Triptease Platform? Click the link below to learn some basics about the tools you'll soon have access to. 

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