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Switching guide: Set up live chat to instantly answer guests’ questions
Switching guide: Set up live chat to instantly answer guests’ questions
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Let our technology do the hard work. With Triptease's Chat feature, your Automated Assistant can answer all your customers’ questions for you - no additional staff required.

There’s just a couple of things you’ll need to do to get started.

  1. Customize your welcome message  
    Under the Settings section in the Triptease Platform, click Chat. You can edit the text of your Welcome message here to bring it line with your hotel’s tone of voice and brand. 

  2. Allow customer replies  
    Switch on the toggle to Allow customer replies. This means customers can now ask questions directly on your website.   

  3. Write your FAQs  
    Click Activate your Assistant, and then select Manage to customize your FAQ responses - we’ve pre-filled some of them using our machine-learning assistant set up. You can edit these responses at any time. Select Save changes, and then toggle Allow Automated Assistant to respond to customers on the previous screen.

  4. Start chatting with guests (or let your Automated Assistant handle it)  
    You can monitor conversations in the Agent Portal and step in at any time. If you’d like to be notified when a guest has asked a question, click the cog in the Agent Portal to switch on email and SMS notifications. 

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