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What is click-through rate benchmarking?
What is click-through rate benchmarking?
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In the Message Manager, we have now introduced click-through rate benchmarking for Full Screen Exit and Nudge Messages. This allows you to instantly see how the click-through rates of your messages are performing against a global hotel average. 

What you’ll see in the Message Manager is that each of your messages are now ranked as Excellent, Good, OK or Poor. 

Each message type will be benchmarked separately because comparing the performance of a Nudge and a Full Screen Exit is not a fair comparison as they serve very different purposes. If a message has less than 200 impressions, it won’t be benchmarked. Anything above that is measured as follows: 

Nudge Messages  

Poor = 0.08% - 2.19%
OK = 2.20 - 3.19%
Good = 3.20% - 7.76%
Excellent = Above or equal to 7.76% 

Full Screen Messages

Poor = 0 - 5.29%
OK = 5.30% - 6.29%
Good = 6.30% - 14.57%
Excellent = Above or equal to 14.57% 

If you need any advice on how to improve your click through rates, check out our hints and tips for Nudge and Full Screen Exit Messages, and our guide on how to access them within the platform.

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