We’ve closed down the Triptease Live Chat product and have partnered with the industry-leading chatbot and communication platform for hotels, HiJiffy

You can find out all about our partnership and the wide range of improved features and functionality that HiJiffy provides here. If you are already using HiJiffy as part of your Triptease package and have a question, visit the HiJiffy help center here.

Not using HiJiffy Chat yet? Request a demo here.

Setting up Chat Notifications is easy, and can be done entirely within the Triptease Platform. Here's the step-by-step instructions:

1. Log into the Triptease Platform and click on Your profile within the Account section of the left hand menu. Here, select the Notifications option.

2. Immediately at the top of the Notifications section, make sure Chat alert within the Alerts category has been turned on, and then select to receive notifications via email or SMS. If you'd like to receive email notifications, make sure your email address is correct under Your Profile.

3. If you've selected to receive SMS notifications, choose your country code by selecting the globe icon, and then input the number you would like to receive messages from.

4. Click the purple 'Save changes' button at the top right of the page to complete the notifications setup process!

Please note that having your Profile configured to receive Chat Notifications does not mean you'll get a Notification whenever there is an unanswered conversation. Find out more about when exactly you'll be sent Notifications.

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