Setting up Chat Notifications is a two step process. You need to both ensure you have added your phone number and/or email address in your Settings, and then also switch on Notifications within the Agent Portal. Here's the step-by-step instructions:

1. Log into the Triptease Platform and click on Your profile within the Account section of the left hand menu. You'll then see two additional menu items Your profile and Notifications.

2. In the Your profile section you can add your contact email address.

3. Next click on Notifications and scroll to the bottom of the page to add the phone number you'd like to receive Chat Notifications to.

4. You'll now need to move across to the Agent Portal to switch Chat Notifications on. Click Chat in the left hand menu and then click the button on the right that reads Open Agent Portal.

5. Once you're in the Agent Portal, click the cog symbol at the top of your conversation queue to open your Chat Notification settings. You'll then be able to toggle on either email notifications, SMS notifications, or both. Click save and you're done!

Please note that having your Profile configured to receive Chat Notifications does not mean you'll get a Notification whenever there is an unanswered conversation. Find out more about when exactly you'll be sent Notifications.

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