We’ve closed down the Triptease Live Chat product and have partnered with the industry-leading chatbot and communication platform for hotels, HiJiffy

You can find out all about our partnership and the wide range of improved features and functionality that HiJiffy provides here. If you are already using HiJiffy as part of your Triptease package and have a question, visit the HiJiffy help center here.

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A Chat Notification is an SMS or email alert designed to let an Agent know that there is a new (and as yet unanswered) Chat in the Agent Portal. These are sent if the Agent is logged in and has the Agent Portal open in a browser tab, but their status in 'inactive'.

To become inactive in the Agent Portal, the Agent has to be idle for five minutes or more. Which means five minutes without scrolling, clicking on, or interacting in any way with Agent Portal. If the agent is inactive then Notification will be sent if a new conversation is started and no interaction occurs in the Agent Portal within 30 seconds.

Additionally, a Chat Notification will only be sent to an Agent if they have Notifications enabled in the Agent Portal and they have their email and/or phone number configured. If the Agent has not completed these two steps they will not receive a Notification. Find out how to enable Notifications and configure contact details.

If you are using the Agent Portal but you status is inactive, you should only expect to receive an email and/or an SMS Notification if the following statements are all true:

  • a new guest conversation has had no response within 30 seconds, a conversation has been re-assigned or a conversation has been sent back to the pending queue (and so is un-assigned); and

  • the Agent has Notifications enabled; and

  • the Agent has an email and/or phone number configured in their Settings

If you are active (not idle), you'll see a Notification in the top right of your browser instead of receiving it via email or SMS, provided you have Notifications enabled. 

One important thing to note is that Chat Notifications will not be sent if you have your Automated Assistant switched on. This is because AutoAgent is designed to answer guest questions for you instantly. Even if it can't answer a guest's specific question it will still respond and give them the opportunity to ask a different question, or to collect their email so that your team can get back to them later. If you would prefer for your Chat Agents to receive Chat Notifications, you'll need to switch off AutoAgent in order for that to happen.

If the Automated Assistant can't answer a question and the guest doesn't leave their email, a member of your team will need to reassign that conversation to themselves - it will not automatically go back into the Unassigned queue. This is because for busy hoteliers answering questions for guests who are most likely no longer online is not the best use of time. It's much better to handle the live questions first and check through AutoAgent responses for any unanswered questions when you have time.

However if you do use the Automated Assistant your team will be sent an email at 9am local time each day with any leads that the Automated Assistant has collected for you the day before.

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