Hoteliers using Chat know that they can capture leads even when they’re not online using the Automated Assistant, which can answer all your commonly asked questions instantly. Even on the occasions when the Automated Assistant doesn’t have all the information required to answer, it will still capture contact details so that you can get back to the customer later.

To help you do that, we send a summary email directly to your inbox whenever the Automated Assistant has captured hot leads for you to get back to. The email will include all the details we have about the customer: email address, the subject they were asking about and a link straight to the conversation in the Agent Portal.

You’ll also see a seven day summary of your Chat activity, including conversations answered by the Automated Assistant, estimated time saved and how much revenue was made from guests who booked after chatting. This should keep you up to date with how well the Automated Assistant is performing, as well as making sure you’re quick to get back in touch with guests who need a bit of human help.

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