Chat is designed to help hoteliers answer the questions guests have on their path to booking. Providing answers means more guests stay on your website and book direct, so we thought it would be helpful to show you the revenue generated from those conversations.

Chat revenue insights allow you to track the overall revenue and bookings generated from your conversations with potential guests, as well as being able to see the same information for each of your staff members using Chat.

Here’s how your revamped Chat Insights Dashboard looks:

As part of this update there are a couple of additional changes to note:

  • The time and date filters on the Chat page are now consistent with the rest of the platform and show data for complete days, excluding the current day.
  • The number of conversions - both in total and the number per agent, will be slightly lower than you may have previously seen because we’ve added in a 24 hour attribution window for recording conversions.
  • The revenue in the Agent performance table won’t equal the total at the top because the number at the top also includes guests who started a conversation, didn’t get a response, but still booked.
  • Chats handled by the Automated Assistant are also included in the Conversations answered headline stat under Response rate. Automated Assistant and human Agents are treated in similar ways here, and their conversation data is stored in the same table.
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