The Triptease product that you decide to learn about first is entirely dependent on your specific business goals and what you're trying to achieve for your hotel. 

When you first logged into the Triptease platform, you should have seen a welcome page that looked like this. 

This is where you can share your details and your hotel's main business goal so that we can help tailor the Triptease experience to help you achieve that goal faster. 

We wanted to make sure that you can easily access all the tutorial videos that are available in the Triptease Platform at any time you like. 

Click on any of the goals below to access the full set of video tutorials that will help you get up to speed on the products you need to know to make real progress in achieving success for your hotel. 

My goal is to increase website conversions and reduce abandonment rate 

My goal is to understand what's causing our parity issues and fix them 

My goal is to improve our online customer experience using Live Chat 

My goal is to increase the quality of our data insights

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