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How can I check my Google metasearch disparities?
How can I check my Google metasearch disparities?
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If you’re using Triptease Meta you’ll already know that we don’t bid in Google metasearch auctions for a hotel if they’re being undercut. This ‘blackout’ functionality stops hotels paying to advertise that they don’t have the best price online. 

You can see these metasearch disparities in your Parity Monitoring Dashboard. That means that you can work to fix them, reduce the amount of time the blackout functionality has to be used for your hotel, and appear in more metasearch auctions! 

You can view these disparities in the Metasearch disparities section of the platform. We’ve used a calendar view so you can easily see what dates your disparities are occurring on. To view all the details of a disparity just click on the one you want to view and you’ll see all the information you need to investigate the cause of the disparity, including date, the OTA that caused it and how much they undercut the direct price by. 

Keep track of the disparities you’ve already investigated by marking them as Actioned or select Ignore if there’s no issue for you to resolve. 

Please note that this metasearch parity data is only available to hotels using Triptease Meta. If you are not currently using Triptease's metasearch product we don't track this data for you and you won’t see any information about the OTAs undercutting you on Google. 

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