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How do we calculate potential mobile revenue?
How do we calculate potential mobile revenue?
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With the continued rapid growth of mobile traffic and bookings for hotels, it's crucial that hoteliers can easily review data and insights by device. To help with this, you can filter the Triptease Insights dashboard to view either your mobile or desktop data.

A summary of your mobile data is also available to you via your monthly performance email, where you'll see the following insights:

  • Your total mobile searchers

  • You mobile conversion rate

  • The potential additional revenue available to you if your mobile conversion rate improved

Here's how we calculate potential mobile revenue:

  • We use data from the last three months to identify the average number of searchers who arrive on your website on mobile.

  • We look at the average conversion rates for hotels using our mobile-focussed Convert products and split those into percentiles.

  • We use the conversion rate of the top 25% of those hotels to calculate your revenue opportunity based on your hotel's revenue over the past month.

If you'd like to learn more about the mobile-focussed Convert tools available to help improve your conversion rate on mobile, get in touch with the Triptease team today!

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