It's really important that your personalized messaging works with the layout of your website, and doesn't hide other important content that customers need to see. With Triptease Targeted Messages you can change the position of all Nudge, Price Check, Email Capture and Undercut Messages on your desktop website. For Nudge and Price Check Messages (which are both available as mobile messages) it is also possible to customize their position on mobile, independently from desktop.

How to change the position of a Targeted Message

To change the position of a Targeted Message, go to the 'Design' tab of the Message Builder and scroll down to the 'Message Position' section.

For desktop, you can choose which corner the message appears in, and additionally provide customized offsets from the edges of that corner (e.g. top right, 20px from the top, 10px from the right) so that the message appears exactly where you need it to be.

Nudge Message Position detail in the Triptease Message Builder

For mobile you can choose whether the message appears at the top or bottom of the screen, and additionally provide an offset (e.g. 30px from the bottom of the screen). Mobile messages appear full-width by default, as this looks more seamless on a mobile screen.

Mobile Nudge Positioning detail in the Triptease Message Manager

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