As of w/c Monday 11th October, 2021, the Express Mobile Experience will be shut down. You can find out more about this decision here. Triptease remains committed to improving the mobile experience for hotels. You can find out more about our current strategy here.

The Express Mobile Experience takes the content from your existing mobile booking engine and optimizes it for mobile, providing a simple, streamlined booking experience that's two times faster than a typical mobile booking engine.

If you'd like to start using the Express Mobile Experience, you can begin by uploading your hotel data in the Triptease Platform. From there, the Triptease Product Implementation team will begin the process of connecting Express to your booking engine and making sure that everything works correctly.

Uploading your hotel details

To get started, log in to the Triptease Platform and click 'Settings' icon to view Your hotels'.

Select the hotel you would like to set up the Express mobile Experience for and you'll be taken to the 'Hotel Profile' page for that hotel.

In the 'Configure products' section of the page, select 'Express' and you'll arrive at a page where you can upload the information needed to begin populating the Express Mobile Experience for that specific hotel. This includes:

  • The hotel contact details for guests: Reservation phone number and email address)

  • The booking experience details: The booking engine and the domain name you'd like to use for Express (this is usually the hotel name followed by

  • The hotel policies: This includes check in and check out times and a check box to confirm whether your hotel allows children

  • Your Google Analytics details: If you're using Universal Google Analytics (UA), this is your Tracking ID, in the format UA-XXXXXX-X. If you're using Google Analytics 4 (GA4), this is your Measurement ID, in the format G-XXXXXXX

Once everything is uploaded, click the 'Save changes' button at the top right hand side of the screen. If you're ready to request that the Triptease team begins the integration and testing process then you can click 'Request tests' to being that process.

Triptease integration and testing

You have the option to set the Express Mobile Experience live for your metasearch traffic, your retargeting traffic or all your mobile traffic.

If you're choosing to send all your mobile traffic to Express there are a few more steps you'll need to take and a member of the Triptease team will get in touch to let you know what happens next.

For metasearch or retargeting traffic, just submit for testing and a member of the Triptease team will let you know once Express is ready to be switched on!

Switching Express on and off in the platform

Once testing is complete, you can go back to the ;Hotel Profile' page and switch the toggle to 'on' next to 'Enable Express mobile booking experience' in the 'Activate products' section of the page.

You have full control of whether the Express Mobile Experience is switched on of off for your hotel. At any time you can go back into the Triptease platform and switch it on or off yourself.

Updating your hotel details

If you need to update your hotel details, follow the steps above to go back to the Express configuration page for your hotel, change your details and then re-submit your information for testing.

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