Why is Triptease discontinuing support for the Express Mobile Experience?
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At Triptease we are committed to providing the most impactful direct booking solutions for hotels. Express had the potential to significantly improve the mobile booking experience, but it became increasingly apparent that some of the underlying technology provided by a third party supplier could not scale in the manner required to create an industry-leading product for our clients. Faced with this, it had become clear the time required to find an alternative approach we could be confident in would have come at the expense of other key strategic product developments that we believe will drive better value for hotels in the current climate.

Express will be deactivated w/c Monday 11th October, 2021 - at which point your mobile booking experience will revert to your standard mobile booking engine experience.

Helping hotels capitalize on the enormous opportunity presented by mobile is still a key focus for the Triptease Product Team. We are continuing to invest in a mobile-first approach to website conversion tools, and are currently redesigning the message creation process to further improve the mobile experience for hotels. You can find out more about the new mobile features we're working towards in the Triptease Q3/4 Product Roadmap.

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