Although we have decided to discontinue support for the Express Mobile Experience, Triptease remains committed to improving the mobile experience for hotels.

Many of our existing Targeted Messages have been built to work on both mobile and desktop screens. Message positioning can also be customized to ensure that it appears in the optimum location on your mobile website. With targeting specifications that allow you to send messages exclusively to mobile customers, there are still plenty of options to ensure that your website and booking engine experience is opimized for mobile customers.

Helping hotels capitalize on the enormous opportunity presented by mobile is still a key focus for the Triptease Product Team. We are continuing to invest in a mobile-first approach to website conversion tools, and are currently redesigning the message creation process to improve the mobile experience for hotels.

You can find out more about the new mobile features we're working towards in the Triptease Autumn Product Plan - just ask your Triptease Customer Success Manager to send you your copy.

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