Triptease’s Metasearch Parity Insights dashboard provides a clear overview of the state of your parity on metasearch and its impact on your performance on this channel, allowing you to keep track of the way customer booking journeys have evolved. Customers now begin their hotel search on metasearch, not directly on your website - so it is essential you are monitoring your parity there too. However, you may notice that the figures in Metasearch Parity Insights do not necessarily match with the figures on the Parity Insights dashboard. This is due to two reasons.

The first is that on the Parity Insights dashboard, we are only looking at the key OTAs you have chosen to monitor. The data looks at all guests actively searching on your hotel booking engine and provides an overview of how your direct price compares to those specific OTAs. By contrast, the Metasearch Parity Insights dashboard compares your direct price against all the OTAs on metasearch. This is because on metasearch, your competition is greater than your specific partner OTAs. Your competition includes even wholesalers and ‘’ OTAs you may never have heard of!

The second reason is that Metasearch Parity Insights displays the data differently to Parity Insights. In simple terms, metasearch is a ‘winner takes all’ battle - having the best price can be the difference between winning or losing the direct booking. On Metasearch Parity Insights, we consider your direct price as 100% undercut even if just one OTA has a better rate. This reflects the way customers perceive your direct price. Whereas on Parity Insights, a typical search might show as 25% undercut, 25% cheaper direct and 50% in parity, on Metasearch Parity Insights the same search would show as 100% undercut. This will often mean that your total undercut percentage is higher on Metasearch Parity Insights. Our goal is to give you a more accurate account of how customers are actually seeing your price on metasearch.

The key differences between Parity Insights and Metasearch Parity Insights are summarised below:

Parity Insights

Metasearch Parity Insights

Looks at select OTAs you have chosen to monitor

Looks at all OTAs on metasearch (even wholesalers and ‘’ OTAs you may not have heard of!)

Looks at real guest searches on your booking engine and compares direct prices with your chosen OTAs

Looks at all searches on Google

Comprehensive data, focusing on when you are cheaper direct, in parity and undercut

Customer-centric data, focusing on what the customer actually sees on metasearch

Monitors parity only

Monitors parity and shows how this is impacting your performance on metasearch

Metasearch Parity Insights is exclusively available to Triptease customers using both Parity and Metasearch. If you’re interested in getting access to this dashboard to assist with your metasearch performance, get in touch with the Customer Success team today!

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