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How to send Triptease automated 'Back-in-stock' emails
How to send Triptease automated 'Back-in-stock' emails

Learn how to set up a Triptease automated 'Back-in-stock' email campaign

Written by Megan Bryant
Updated over a week ago

This guide will tell you how to send Triptease automated ‘Back-in-stock’ emails to guests who saw no availability when searching for a room.

To get started, simply click ‘Email’ in the ‘Audience intelligence’ dropdown menu. From there, you can set your ‘Back-in-stock’ email campaign live.

When you select 'Set up,' you'll need to complete two steps before launching the campaign:

  1. How you will capture customer emails

  2. How customers will be contacted

Step 1: How will you collect emails

When a potential guest can’t find an available room for their search and is about to leave your website, a Full Screen Email Capture Message is triggered. This offers them the chance to receive updates on cancellations.

In this section, you can edit the Email Capture Message either using Triptease’s default design or making further adjustments within the Message Builder.

Good to know:

The 'Back-in-stock' Email Capture Message on full screen is only available for desktop users.

Step 2: How customers will be contacted

Here you can choose if you want Triptease to send automated 'Back-in-stock' emails or if you prefer to create your own campaign via a CRM.

Opting for the automated approach includes Triptease automatically tracking inventory changes within your booking engine to send 'Back-in-stock' emails when there has been a cancellation. Alternatively, if you choose to execute your campaign independently via a CRM, you won't have access to Triptease's automated inventory tracking feature.

If you’re already using a CRM, and wish to create your own 'Back-in-stock' campaigns, you can read our guide here.

Automated 'Back-in-stock' emails are available to hoteliers using the Triptease Data Marketing Core package. Learn more about the Triptease Data Marketing Platform here, and get in touch with the Triptease team today if you'd like access to this feature.

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