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How to set up your own ‘Back-in-stock’ campaign
How to set up your own ‘Back-in-stock’ campaign

Learn how to create your own 'Back-in-stock' email campaign

Written by Megan Bryant
Updated over a week ago

There are currently two options for hoteliers to run a ‘Back-in-stock’ campaign:

  1. Automated approach: Triptease handles sending emails to customers who signed up for cancellation alerts.

  2. Self-managed approach: Create your own 'Back-in-stock' in campaign via your CRM.

In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to run your own ‘Back-in-stock’ campaign.

Good to know: By running your own 'Back-in-stock' campaign, you will be responsible for tracking inventory levels in order to send ‘Back-in-stock’ emails when cancellations happen. To automate this, you will need to run a Triptease automated ‘Back-in-stock’ campaign.

Step 1: Create your ‘No availability’ message

Go to the Message Builder, select 'Exit Messaging' as your intent, then choose 'Full Screen with Email Capture' to create your message.


Step 2: Select your CRM contact list

In the Message Builder, under the 'Behavior' tab, go to 'Send to CRM' and select your contact list. If you haven't created a contact list for your CRM, please refer to the following guides.

Good to know: make sure your contact list for ‘Back-in-stock’ is easily recognisable. For example, you can name the contact list ‘No availability'.

Step 3: Select ‘No availability’ targeting

Go to the ‘Audience’ tab and select ‘No availability opportunity’. This means your Email Capture message will target website visitors who saw a no availability message on your website.

Step 4: Customize your message

In the 'Design' tab, you can edit the appearance of your Email Capture message, including branding colors, images, and text.

Step 5: Publish!

Before setting it live, you can review your Message to make sure all the settings are configured correctly.

Your message is now live and capturing guests' email addresses who encountered no availability.

Automatically sending emails to your CRM is available to hoteliers using the Triptease Data Marketing Pro package. Learn more about the Triptease Data Marketing Platform here, and get in touch with the Triptease team today if you'd like access to this feature.

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