Front Desk live chat gives you a great opportunity to showcase your personalised service online before a guest has even arrived at your hotel. What makes Front Desk special is that it’s built specifically for hoteliers, with every feature designed to make driving direct bookings and building guest relationships faster and simpler. Here are a few tricks and tips you can use to ensure that Front Desk is as welcoming and effective as possible from the very first message. 

  1. Edit your welcome message! Front Desk is all about showcasing your hotel and the incredible service that your staff provide. Let customers get to know your individual personality from the very first moment by personalising your welcome message. You can do that in the Settings section of the Front Desk section of the platform. Read our FAQ for instructions on how to edit your welcome message
  2. Invite guests to chat with you. You’d be surprised how many welcome messages don’t actually prompt customers to start a conversation - and if you don’t do that some guests might not realise that you are available to speak to them. Something along the lines of ‘Have a question? Click below to reply to this message - we’re here to help!’ lets people know that they can use the Front Desk chat function to speak directly to hotel staff. 
  3. Link directly to your booking engine. Every element of Front Desk live chat is designed to move guests along their journey towards booking. You can help that process by linking straight to your booking engine from Front Desk. A simple sentence like ‘You can check out our latest availability here’ with a link to your booking engine could help some guests to take that first step to book… 
  4. Use the rich text editor to highlight words like ‘Welcome’, the link to your booking engine or any other text you’d particularly like customers to notice. 
  5. Promote special offers. If a customer is engaging with you via Front Desk, they’re clearly quite interested in booking a room at your hotel. If you have a special offer that they might not have noticed, now is your time to let them know! 
  6. Upload avatar images for all your Front Desk Agents. Put a face to a name for all your staff. Again, this helps to make your website feel truly unique, human and personal.  
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