As we add more useful data into your Insights page within the Triptease Platform, we want to make it really clear to you where Triptease has helped to influence a booking on your website. To help with this we’ve added a ‘Tripteased influenced’ measure into the bar chart on your Insights dashboard. 

In order to be counted as ‘Triptease influenced’ a visitor on your website must have taken at least one of the following actions. 

  • Hovered their cursor over Price Check for at least one second
  • Clicked anywhere on the Price Check widget
  • Had a Message Porter campaign open for between five seconds and ten minutes, and then closed it either by using the ‘X’ button or the call to action button

Additionally the visitor must have also made a search to be considered exposed, otherwise we would be unfairly comparing customers who had the chance to see Price Check against those who didn’t. 

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