Great question! We get asked about this quite a lot. In short, a conversion is only attributed to a campaign when all of the following points have occurred:

  1. The visitor sees the Message Porter campaign.
  2. The visitor clicks the button within the campaign.
  3. The visitor goes on to book within 12 hours of seeing the campaign. 

If we don’t see these three events happening consecutively with the 12 hour time frame then we don’t attribute that conversion to the Message Porter campaign. Even if a conversion does occur after the 12 hours has passed, we still don’t attribute that conversion to the campaign. 

Similarly, if a visitor closes the message rather than clicking on the button, but then goes on to book directly on your website anyway, we wouldn’t attribute that conversion to the campaign either - we’re very strict like that. 

If you’d like to learn about how we are able to reliably track all of these data points, you can read more here: How does Triptease track campaign performance?

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