The best way to test that your Message Porter campaign is working correctly is to visit your website and trigger the message as if you were a real customer. You’ll need to make sure that you enter the correct information to trigger the exact campaign that you’re trying to see. So, for example, if you set up a campaign to display when a visitor’s check-in dates are between May 1st - 14th, then you would have to enter the booking engine with those check-in dates too. 

Another thing to remember when testing your campaigns is that they will only display once every seven days for each visitor. We limit the frequency that a campaign appears on your website to once every seven days so as not to bother your visitors with a pop-up message too often when they may be trying to research and book. 

How do we know when a visitor has already seen your campaign? This is monitored behind the scenes using browser cookies. If you want to view a campaign again within seven days of the last time you looked at it, you’ll need to use the incognito (or private) mode of your internet browser when visiting your website. This is because incognito mode tells your web browser to ignore cookies.  

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