What are On-site Messages
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On-site Messages allow you to show specific, personalized messages to your website visitors, encouraging them to book directly on your website. Personalized experiences and dynamic messaging have been shown to increase conversion rates significantly. With Triptease messaging, hoteliers can experiment with different messages quickly and easily. 

There are 11 different on-site message types available on the Triptease Platform. With an extensive array of targeting and design options in the self-service Message Manager, you can create a number of messages to resonate with your guests.

Inline messages are embedded within your website for a subtle communication touch.

Save the search messages enable visitors to easily save or share their current search.

Countdown messages create urgency around deals and discounts.

Full screen on arrival show important messages to visitors on arrival.

Full-screen on exit messages aim to retain visitors who are about to leave the site.

Email capture messages prompt visitors to leave their email for future engagement.

Notifications: show how many people have searched or booked on your website within the past 24 hour and the location of your hotel including benefits.

Nudge messages offer timely prompts to guide guests through their booking journey.

Price check reassures visitors of the best rates directly on the booking engine.

In-page price check is embedded within the booking engine to emphasize direct rate benefits.

Undercut messages address situations where OTAs might offer lower prices than your direct rates.

Personalized message design and targeting

The true advantage of On-site Messages lies in their customization capabilities. You can tailor these messages based on the specific hotel being viewed, the length of the visitor's stay, their check-in dates, or even the current webpage they're browsing.

This enables you to offer targeted discounts or showcase specific amenities, like discounted spa treatments on your spa page.

The Message Builder tool provides a variety of templates and user-friendly design tools, allowing you to create messages that perfectly align with your brand's aesthetics and website design.

Discover more about On-site Messages

To dive deeper into the capabilities of on-site messages, including targeting, design, automatic translations, and A/B testing different variants, check out our additional articles. These resources will guide you on how to maximize the impact of your messages for your customers.

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