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What do I do if I can’t replicate an OTA undercut?
What do I do if I can’t replicate an OTA undercut?
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If you find an OTA undercut in the Parity Monitoring dashboard, but can’t replicate it by searching online, there are three quick checks that will get you up and running much faster than we can pick up the phone: 

  1. Ask yourself this: Is the rate being compared the cheapest rate on your direct channel? If the answer is yes then skip ahead to step two. If not, it’s likely that the guest who discovered that particular disparity entered the booking engine via an ‘offer’ button or ‘packages’ route.

    Triptease will always compare the cheapest rate on each channel. For the direct price, we take the cheapest price on that particular page. That means it would compare the package rate (i.e. dinner and hotel room, plus a spa package) to the cheapest available rate on the OTA for that same date search. If you want to stop these kinds of undercuts from being flagged in Parity Monitoring, please send us a message via the chat box below or email so that we can investigate whether that offer or package can be excluded from OTA comparison.

  2. Double check each of the points below. These little errors are some of most common slip-ups we know of!
    - Is the currency the same?
    - Are the dates the same?
    - Is the occupancy the same?

  3. Have a think about when you last updated rates on your direct channel. Some channel managers can take a few hours to update the rates on an OTA, so there is often a small window of time during which a guest searches for a room where the undercut was active. Then, by the time you attempt to replicate the search, the undercut has been resolved because the rates have updated.

    If you’re looking to avoid this issue, be sure to search and replicate undercuts within a couple of hours of them being reported. 

If you’ve completed these three checks and still can't replicate the undercut, please email so that one of the team can assist you. 

It's also really helpful if you can provide us with the following details so we can get to work immediately:

  • Hotel

  • Date search

  • Number of adults / children

  • Screenshot and URL of OTA

  • Screenshot and URL of direct site

  • Screenshot and URL of Parity Monitoring showing the undercut

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