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How are Triptease messages prioritized?
How are Triptease messages prioritized?
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If you’ve set up several messages designed to target different types of customers, you may find that certain visitors to your website might trigger more than one message. 

For example if you have a one message set to trigger for visitors in France and a different message set to trigger for visitors looking to book on a specific check-in date, it’s possible that one visitor would qualify to see them both. 

So how do we decide which one they will see? 

Firstly, we decide based on how specific your messages are. A campaign with more segmentations will be picked over one with fewer. For example, a message targeting visitors from France and last minute bookings, will be picked over a message with just check-in date targeting, in the case when both are valid.

In the case where two messages have the same number of segmentations, we’ve set some priority display rules for the various message segmentations you can choose from. That means that certain segments can ‘overrule’ others that have a lower priority. This works in the following order: 

Priority 1: Likelihood to book
Priority 2: New vs returning visitors
Priority 3: Location
Priority 4: Referral website
Priority 5: URL includes
Priority 6: Check-in dates: e.g. in between X and X
Priority 7: Booking dates: last minute
Priority 8: Booking dates: advanced

Priority 9: Day of the week
Priority 10:  Length of stay
Priority 11: URL excludes
Priority 12: Party size

Priority 13: Device type

If there is a situation where you have multiple messages that are equally eligible to display to a customer - for example if you have two length of stay messages in place, with one targeting 1-3 days and the other targeting 3-6 days - then we will randomly select which message is shown. However if your 1-3 night message was shown the first time, and then the customer makes another search which makes them eligible for both messages again, the second message will be shown. So in the right circumstances they will see both. 

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