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How do I stop a message from appearing on a specific webpage?
How do I stop a message from appearing on a specific webpage?
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The great thing about Triptease messages is that you can select specific pages of your website for particular messages to appear on. But what if rather than choosing a specific URL for a message to trigger on, you actually want to suppress a message from appearing on a certain page instead?

For example if you have a group homepage for multiple hotels, you might not want a message to appear there because it’s not directly connected to a hotel that a guest can make a booking with. You can now enter the URL of that page in the Message Builder to stop your message appearing there.

Under What pages should it display on in the Behaviour section of the Message Builder, you can select one of the following options: 

  • All pages (of your website)

  • All pages except... (a specific page or pages) 

  • Specific pages (of your website)

Select All pages except... and enter the full URL or URLs of the page(s) in question. For example

Make sure you add the full URL (including the http://). You can add as many URLs as you like by clicking + Add another URL

This means that your message will now appear on all pages of your website except for the URL(s) you have specified. 

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