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What is an Inline Message?
What is an Inline Message?
Written by Megan Bryant
Updated over a week ago

An Inline Message is a message type that can be embedded anywhere within the hotel website and booking engine.

For hoteliers, website personalization requires finding the balance between design and functionality. Pop-up messages are great at grabbing audiences’ attention, but not always quite the right experience for every hotel brand or website. Customers also prefer website experiences that are seamless and sleek, especially on mobile.

So that's why the Inline Message was launched, to address these points and offer guests a positive booking experience regardless if they are on their desktop or mobile.

What does this mean for hoteliers?

  • The call-to-action (CTA) button is optional: Hoteliers can decide if they want the message to drive an action (go to the booking engine) or to simply display information without a CTA button.

  • It aligns with your brand identity: Inline messages have a subtle appearance, making it easier to create a message that aligns with brand guidelines.

  • It doesn’t overload the user experience: Hoteliers can also display information without obstructing important sections of a webpage and overwhelming their audiences.

  • It’s desktop and mobile friendly: The Inline message type is responsive, meaning it adapts to different screen sizes without sacrificing the visual design

How can hoteliers publish an Inline Message?

Hoteliers can create Inline Messages in the Message Builder as they would with any other message type. This particular message type also requires an ‘XPath’, which tells us where the message should be placed. For hoteliers unsure of what that means, please refer to our short guide and video.

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