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How to set up Triptease automated Cart abandonment and 'Back-in-stock' emails
How to set up Triptease automated Cart abandonment and 'Back-in-stock' emails

Available features for Triptease automated emails

Written by Megan Bryant
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This feature is only available to hoteliers using the Data Marketing Platform with Email.

Once you begin tracking guests who have abandoned checkout on your booking engine, you can set up a Triptease-managed campaign. In this campaign, Triptease will automatically send Cart Abandonment and 'Back-in-Stock' emails. For guidance on tracking guests who abandoned checkout on your booking engine, please refer to this help centre article.

Good to know:

For Cart abandonment emails, Triptease will send a total of two emails to guests who abandon checkout: one within the first two hours, and the second 24 hours after the first.

For 'Back-in-stock' alerts, an email is sent to a guest who signed up for these alerts once a room matching their search criteria becomes available.

To set up this feature, you need to:

  1. Go to ‘Guest Behavioral Data’ in the Triptease platform

  2. Select which campaign you'd like to start and click 'Set up campaign'

  3. Click 'Customize template' to make additional changes. If you click 'Start sending emails' Triptease will sent the default template.

Customizing Triptease automated emails:

Customize your email template before setting a Triptease campaign live to tailor it to your audience and align with your hotel's branding.

Here's a video tutorial to see an example of customizing and setting a Triptease campaign live:

What you can edit:

Step 1) Customize text

Edit the subject line, header, and main email text using Triptease editing tools. The default template is used if no changes are made.

Good to know: Price Preview

Displays real-time ‘from prices’ in the subject line and main email text. Customizing the text removes the price from the subject line, but it remains in the main email. This feature is automatically added without additional setup.

This image shows to examples displaying hotel room prices in the subject line and in the main email.

Step 2) Translations

Triptease automatically detects the languages used on your booking engine. If using Triptease's default copy, it will automatically translate the emails. If customizing, you can automatically translate your copy using AI, then add or edit translations using the dropdown bar.

Step 3) Images

Customize the header image by uploading your own. Click 'Upload image' and select which hotels to assign images to (each property can have a different image).

Step 4) Test emails

Send test emails to spot any mistakes and approve the final design.

Step 6) Complete!

Once you are happy with your email templates you can click 'Start sending emails'. To make any new edits, you will need to pause the campaign.

Triptease automated Cart abandonment and 'Back-in-stock' emails are available to hoteliers using the Triptease Data Marketing Platform Core and Email package. Learn more about the Triptease Data Marketing Platform here, and get in touch with the Triptease team today if you'd like access to this feature.

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