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What is the difference between Full Screen and Nudge Messages?
What is the difference between Full Screen and Nudge Messages?
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Full Screen and Nudge messages both offer you a way to send personalized, targeted messages to visitors on your website, but there are three main ways that they are different - how they look, how they are triggered and how often your customers will see them. 

A Full Screen Message is triggered when we can see that a potential guest is showing signs of exiting your website. The signs we monitor for are: 

  • The visitor moves their cursor to the top of the browser window and off your webpage - this shows a strong intent to use the browser controls and leave your website.

  • The visitor is inactive (their cursor doesn’t move) on your website for 60 seconds.

  • The visitor starts to press a keyboard shortcut that would close their browser tab.

A Full Screen Message is your last chance to grab your customer’s full attention - to stop them from leaving and booking somewhere else. Your message will appear with headline text, message text, an icon or image and a call to action button. Additionally the rest of your website will be temporarily concealed by a shaded overlay so that the full screen message is as prominent as possible. 

Here’s an example: 

Because we only ever want Triptease products to enhance your guests’ experience of your website - and not to annoy them - Full Screen Messages will only be shown to your website visitors once every seven days. 

A Nudge Message can be triggered either with when a customer arrives on your website, or after a timed delay of your choosing. It’s more subtle that a full screen message, and designed more to offer your potential guest a gentle - you guessed it - nudge towards an action you’d like them to take on your website. Whether that’s offering them a discount if they book direct, encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter or just being aware of the benefits of booking direct. 

It will appear on the bottom left hand side of the screen with headline text, message text, an icon and a call to action button. 

Here’s how it looks: 

Because Nudge Messages are smaller,  more subtle and less likely to disrupt the guest experience, these will be displayed to your customer once a day.  

The audience targeting options for both messages are still the same. You can target by check-in date, booking date, length of stay and country.  

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