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How does Triptease Meta work?
How does Triptease Meta work?
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Triptease has access to three highly valuable and difficult to access data-sets which we can use to power intelligent, algorithmic bidding decisions on meta channels for hotels:

  1. A complete view of the guest journey and engagement on the hotel site, enabling us to bid up for the most engaged and high-value customer by demographic.

  2. A comprehensive parity context of every guest search on both the metas and the hotel website. This allows us to withhold bids from searches where hotels are being undercut by the OTAs and bid up when they are cheaper direct.

  3. Insights drawn from this data are further enhanced by our presence across thousands of hotel sites. We can match up users against Google retargeting lists in order to bid higher for returning users.

Using these data-sets we intend to super-charge the efficiency of ad spend on metasearch engines, developing machine learning algorithms that will allocate spend in line with a hotel’s budget and ideal guest profile.  We can then communicate with guests on a one-to-one basis via our existing products, acknowledging their journey to your site before they have even landed.

Our goal is to establish a reliable, consistent channel that can acquire traffic cheaper than using an OTA through metasearch sites and beyond.  We believe customer acquisition is so important, not just because the cost of acquisition is less than OTA bookings on the first conversion,  but because direct bookers are dramatically more likely to rebook through direct channels if they stay again, hugely boosting the lifetime value of that guest.

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