How does Triptease track message performance?
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When we set a client up on Triptease, we ask that they place three tags on their website. These tags allow us to:  

  1. Display messages based on their customers’ behaviour.  

  2. Track interactions with those messages across their website.

  3. Track customer conversions within their booking funnel. 

More specifically, when a message is shown to a visitor on your website we send a request to our servers so that we can track exactly what is happening as they move through your website and interact with the message. We track when it was displayed, who saw it (all potential customers have a visitor ID that we generate and store in a cookie) and which page they saw it on. 

Similarly, when a customer interacts with a message we track the details around that too. We record exactly who took an action after seeing the campaign, when that happened and what they did - did they close the campaign or click the button to book or find out more? 

Lastly, for any visitors who go on to make a direct booking on your website, we track some final details from the booking confirmation page including booking value, booking currency, and the corresponding visitor ID. It is the combination of these three data points across your website and booking engine that allows us to accurately track the performance and daily impressions, conversions and revenue within the Triptease Dashboard. 

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