How well do Triptease messages perform?
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Well that really depends on quite a few different factors... The performance of a message can be affected by anything from the audience targeting parameters you originally selected (and therefore how relevant your message is for the visitors who see it); how well you put the message together (like the language used - is it correctly spelled, easy to read, short and punchy?) and the attractiveness of the discount you’ve offered to encourage customers to book direct. 

Across the clients that we work with, it’s not uncommon to see the more generic campaigns achieving a 1-2% conversion rate, which means that 1-2% of all visitors who see the campaign will then go on to book direct. 

More highly targeted campaigns (that focus on a specific type of customer, highlighting the benefits of booking direct or offering a discount or incentive) can achieve a conversion rate of 3-5%. 

We recently ran a large scale A/B test across thousands of hotels and found that small hotel groups see a conversion uplift of 16% using personalized messaging. You can read the report on that test here

Want to see a similar breakdown for your own messages? The numbers for each message you create are easily accessible within the Message Manager

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