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Why is it important to monitor parity?
Why is it important to monitor parity?
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It’s important to monitor your parity because being undercut can be the difference between a booking being made on your website, and a booking being made via an OTA.

For example on metasearch, where being in parity with the OTAs is more important than anywhere else, the impact of being undercut by a major OTA like or Expedia can reduce click through rate to your website by half. Therefore being undercut on meta has a huge impact on the amount of direct revenue you can drive through that channel.

Of course, parity works in different ways for different hotels - depending on your strategy and the agreements you’ve made with the OTAs you work with. The main thing is having a solid understanding of where the rates being displayed to guests are coming from, and dedicating time to resolving undercuts as they appear. Luckily that’s exactly what Parity Monitoring can help you with! 

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