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What actions can I take based on what I see on the Metasearch Parity Insights dashboard?
What actions can I take based on what I see on the Metasearch Parity Insights dashboard?
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The Metasearch Parity Insights dashboard provides hotels with a broad overview of the state of their parity on metasearch. It’s not an audit tool that can be used to track individual disparities with particular OTAs. On metasearch prices are fluctuating all the time, with different customers seeing different results depending on their location, device type and available OTA rates. Processing every single disparity would be an impossible task.

Instead the dashboard shows a simple overview of the trends happening on metasearch over time. It focuses on how your parity is impacting your performance in terms of click-through rates and revenue potential. This kind of insight is key to making informed, data-backed decisions to increase the total amount of direct bookings you are able to generate from meta.

If you’re noticing problems with your meta parity on the dashboard, here are some actions you may consider taking:



Tackle your rate parity for your most impacted properties.

The dashboard allocates a ‘Parity Health Score’ for each of your properties so you can see how each one is performing. This will enable you to flag problem properties and take steps to improve their parity, whether by managing your rates or taking action against specific OTAs.

Confront your worst offending OTAs.

On the dashboard you can clearly see who your worst offending OTAs are on meta. This will enable you to take action against those specific OTAs that are causing problems, whether by managing distribution partners or reducing the number of wholesalers you work with.

Add new OTAs that are undercutting you on meta to Triptease Parity Insights.

Metasearch provides a good indication of the OTAs you should be monitoring. If you discover new offending OTAs on Metasearch Parity Insights that you weren’t previously monitoring, consider adding them to the Parity Insights dashboard - where you can closely track disparities with the specific OTAs you have chosen to monitor. Triptease Parity Insights now allows you to track some of the biggest undercutters on meta, including Snaptravel and Traveleuro.

Talk to your revenue manager if you are losing out from being undercut.

The dashboard indicates your 'estimated lost revenue’ for each of your properties based on their parity health scores. This is calculated based on the conversion rate you could be achieving if you were to move from being undercut to being in parity. You can show this to your revenue manager to reveal how parity is directly impacting your meta revenue stream, and decide what steps to take.

Use onsite conversion tools to disrupt the typical booking journey of a guest who has seen a lower price on meta.

Even if a customer sees a cheaper rate on meta, they will still click through to your website for research purposes before booking elsewhere. This is your chance to capture the direct booking with onsite conversion tools. If your meta parity health is poor, you should pay even more attention to delivering personalized onsite experiences that convert. Triptease’s Meta Price Undercut targeting feature allows hoteliers to automatically offer a discount code to guests who have clicked through to your website but seen a cheaper price on meta.

Metasearch Parity Insights is exclusively available to Triptease customers using both Parity and Metasearch. If you’re interested in getting access to this dashboard to assist with your metasearch performance, get in touch with the Customer Success team today!

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