How do I add an image to a message?
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Image-based messages are a great way to encourage guests to book direct, by showing them exactly what benefits they’ll enjoy. To create a message with an image, log into the Triptease Platform and go to the Message Manager. Click the button to Create message to begin building your message. 

On the Design tab, select Image within the Imagery section and then click Upload image to upload an image from your computer. Please note that the recommended image size for Full Screen Messages is 400px wide by 150px high and for Nudge and Email Capture Messages it is 110px wide by 170px high. That the file size must be no bigger than 150KB. Finish building your message and setting your targeting specifications, then click Publish to set your beautiful image message live on your website.

Want to add an image to an existing text message? Just click into the message you want to edit, follow the same instructions to upload your image and click Publish

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